Testing a new social media marketing message

I plan to test a new social media marketing message in this last week of June. The volume of incoming phone calls to my office that I rely upon to keep my practice in operation has dropped off since the end of tax season. This is partly due to seasonal variation but I also sense that public response to social media marketing has shifted in ways that I am not savvy enough to understand. These two messages are more direct or “in-your-face” type (at least as far as it goes in the world of mild-mannered financial planning professionals).

I have not yet developed the multi-media portions (photos or graphic and a video) but that will follow. As always, I welcome feedback and ideas.

What are you doing to reduce your tax bill this year? We cross the midway mark of 2016 in a week and many successful business people just got past complaining about how much they owed in taxes for last year! Now is the time to make sure it does not happen again. My clients who spent a little time and money doing mid-year tax planning would agree that it is likely the most profitable undertaking of the year. For the average  small business client a tax planning engagement is an easy way to immediately double or triple your investment in the process. And the best part is that often the savings repeat year after year with little effort in future years.

I am pleased to have my tax planning advice quoted in Money Magazine and The Wall Street Journal but the only advice that really matters is the help that I could provide directly to you to help lower your tax bill this year. Let’s talk about your biggest tax concerns and we will brainstorm for the most workable solutions. Just don’t wait long; the farther we get into 2016 the more difficult it will be to get the results you deserve.


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  1. PS My wife reminds me that I panic every year about this time in reaction to slow business and I vow to work harder when in reality it is a seasonal variance built into my business model. To change the result, I have to change the underlying business model. That’s another topic for another post.

  2. The two marketing messages were combined into one and the post updated accordingly. Thanks Sara.

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