Three QuickBooks insights

Intuit is the world’s leading publisher of tax and accounting software. The company offers both self-serve and professionally assisted platforms. These published insights are useful:

1. QuickBooks dominates

QuickBooks is used by 82% of small businesses that use accounting software. The market dominance speaks for itself,

2. Small business prefer getting help

Nine out of ten small businesses polled by Intuit say they are more successful when they work with an accountant. Yet only half QuickBooks clients are connected to an online accountant, indicating a significant business opportunity. Intuit offers intensive training for accountants and brings these two groups together with more than a million QuickBooks accounts connected to a remote online accountant.

3. Hosted platform is best

The online hosted version of the QuickBooks program is growing rapidly and will eventually replace desktop software. This platform supports to a large and growing platform of integrated software that expands usefulness in industry-specific applications.

I am pleased to be one of 200,000 QuickBooks ProAdvisor accountants worldwide that are experts in this software and ready to help you.


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