Today’s adventures with IRS

CLIENT #1 – 

My first telephone call to IRS this morning was dropped at 2 minute 10 seconds while I was on hold before I reached any person.

The second call was answered at 32 minutes. I sent a fax to the agent that took another 13 minutes to transmit and confirm. The total call took 55 minutes.

SUCCESS! This tax case was resolved! Now it’s on to the next client.


The issue was an illegible power of attorney form so I had to fax a clean copy. The call went for 22:31 and IRS dropped the call while I was on hold waiting for the agent to return on the line. Had the call not dropped, I think we would have made progress on abating penalties for cause.

The call back required me to send the power of attorney form again. In the meanwhile, we discussed the legal issues of the case. The call was only just over 20 minutes. We dismissed a t$4,680 tax penalty and I left the call with a plan to dismiss another penalty of $2,630. I’ll need to work on that next week.

Overall an hour and 45 minutes on the phone with IRS but I ended the day with good news to report to two clients.

The idle time gave me time to write this blog post that I hope might help attract some more more tax representation work from the 1 in 15 taxpayers who face similar problems.


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