Top 10 things small businesses will love about the new QuickBooks

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Top 10 things small business will love about the new QuickBooks

by Tony Novak, CPA, MBA, MT     March 8, 2015

Earlier this year Forbes published an article about the imminent mass migration of small business accounting from desktop to online software as a service. Since then, Intuit introduced its vastly improved line of online accounting products that ensure that QuickBooks will remain the overwhelmingly dominant market share leader in small business accounting despite dozens of high quality competitors.

The Forbes article did not dwell on the underlying market value for small businesses that will drive this transformation in the market. The fact is that online accounting software is simply a better product and a better value. This short article lists some of the most obvious values that will propel small businesses to make the switch.

1. Expand the range of accounting help. There is no need to limit your help to local providers. Online accountants now offer a wider range of expertise.

2. Cut bookkeeping costs. Online bookkeeping services save money by avoiding the cost associated with travel and providing a physical work space.

3. Integrate data. Enter or import data once then use it in multiple applications. There is no need, for example, to keep a contact list on your phone and maintain a separate client list in your accounting system.

4. Cut accounting software costs. The new QuickBooks pricing program allows clients who work with a ProAdvisor to save 50% for the life of your account.

5. Have more payroll options. Some want to do it all themselves, others collaborate, and some prefer to have it all done by payroll professionals. All of these options are now available.

6. Increase security. Intuit’s security combined with built-in automatic audit trail

7. Reliable backups. Constant, automatic, redundant and reliable without a thought required.

8. Print 1099s without additional tax software.

9. Use Add-ons without actually having to install them. Intuit maintains a complete library of tested and approved add-on services.

10. End the debate over “desktop” or “online” accounting platforms. Now it’s just “QuickBooks”.These technical advances mean that small business owners can focus on maximizing the benefits of their financial management efforts rather than devoting time, resources and energy to making their system work.

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