Unhappy with your small business accounting system?

One of my top priorities after tax season (today) is to implement an alternative accounting platform for my small business clients. We are aware that all technology platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, so we must understand and order our priorities.

For example:

QuickBooks (the world’s largest platform ) advantage are also it’s disadvantages:

1. Always up-to-date

2. Connectedness

3. Allows easy remote access

QuickBooks disadvantages:

1. Ever increasing fees

2. Lack of privacy from software makers and government

3. Controlling data access as the system’s controller is its own job.

Conversely the alternative will look like:

Small business system advantages:

1. Data privacy

2. No monthly software fees

3. Easily limits and restricts users

Small business accounting system disadvantages:

1. Depends on humans

2. Must pay humans to run and update

3. Less connectivity with other systems.

We start with the position that choice is good. Then we look at what is most important to you. Please let me know what’s on your mind when it comes to managing financial information.


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