Want to pay less tax? Start with a review of your last return

Effective tax reduction strategies start with a review of you last filed tax return.

There are at least three types of tax return reviews:

1) a high level review “Does it make sense given the facts?”,

2) a micro-level review “Did I miss anything or transpose any digits?”. and

3) a tax planning review (How could it have been to lower the tax?).

The usefulness of each type of review varies as does the time and skill requirements of the reviewer. Also, the motives and goals of the taxpayer obviously control the details of a tax return review. Not all tax professionals have training or experience in performing reviews.

I offer a customized, goal-oriented tax review service at a modest fee. When some or all of the work is designed to help prepare for the following year’s tax filing then I am often able to apply the fee toward the next year’s preparation and filing service. The entire process can be completed remotely using a secure online document portal with telephone of video followup. That is especially important to many people in the busy year-end holiday season. But to be most effective this year, the review must be complete before the end of December.

One thing remains constant: we expect that the little time and money spent on tax planning should head the list of the most profitable financial planning actions that you took all year.

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