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What’s included in tax services?

Lately I use the term “bundled services” to describe how my tax service differs from some other professional providers. We also use the term ” old fashioned” and “relationship-based”. Whatever we call it, my standard accounting engagement agreement includes a bundle of basic and preliminary services and a bunch of advanced services to ensure a better and more profitable outcome over the long term. The list includes:

  1. A detailed written engagement agreement in clear plain language
  2. A discussion of the engagement agreement, privacy policy, and security provisions
  3. Organizer document for starting the tax filing or planning process
  4. A discussion focused on your financial goals
  5. A discussion of the goals of the tax return and the potential impact of any accounting weaknesses
  6. A discussion of your financial fears, struggles, and concerns
  7. Reading of your business organizational documents, bylaws and minutes
  8. Reading your trust agreements and organizational by-laws
  9. Reading any other documents you provide
  10. Discussion of Reasonable Compensation and additional support services for chosen compensation for corporate owners
  11. An online check of your business filing status
  12. A check of social security numbers and employer identification numbers
  13. Optional Foreign Bank and Financial Account filings
  14. Optional Business Ownership Information filings
  15. Optional 1099 and W2 filings
  16. Optional tax transcript monitoring and automated under-reporter penalty prevention/minimization checks.
  17. Creation of a permanent secure electronic file of your documents
  18. Review of prior year tax return
  19. Confirmation of document inputs used to prepare the tax return
  20. Confirmation of the states and jurisdictions prepared
  21. Extended access and mid-year review
  22. Flexibility in paper or electronic communications
  23. Document upload from computer or cell phone photo
  24. “Click to sign” electronic signatures
  25. Manual confirmation of filing acceptance
  26. Timeliness agreement
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  27. Year-round access
  28. Audit response
  29. Audit representation available
  30. Tax planning for next year
  31. Reliance on professional opinion audit defense
  32. Confidence of having a CPA/MT preparer as signor on the tax returns
  33. Separate tax return review process
  34. Comparison of tax results with prior year(s)
  35. Discussion of overall and marginal tax rate
  36. If a local tax return is required, not filed by a preparer, a PDF version for mailing or template for self-filing online
  37. Review video of tax return, planning issues and potential weaknesses
  38. Financial planning discussion stemming from tax return issues
  39. Access to industry-leading compensation and employee benefits expertise
  40. Access to decades of real estate expertise
  41. Access to decades of portfolio management expertise
  42. Multiple year contracting available
  43. Secure records storage
  44. Multiple versions of tax return available for different purposes
  45. Integration with bookkeeping for small business, real estate, investments, and cryptocurrency
  46. “Book-to-tax” accounting proposed journal entry adjustments available
  47. CPA’s manual signature on paper copy of return for third parties and lenders
  48. CPA cover letter available to third parties

In general, all of these services are included in our basic tax services and pricing except those that are specified as “optional” or “available” services. Not all items apply in all cases. All services may not be available in the event that the engagement is provided at a lower price or specifically limits the services that we agree to perform.


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