Which version of QuickBooks for 2022

We revisit this topic periodically because QuickBooks changes plans and pricing often. Prices rose significantly recently. The pricing offered remains confusing to users.

Self employed version not endorsed

In general, we work with and endorse any of the online QuickBooks versions except the self-employed version. That’s a shame because the self-employed version is the most affordable, ranging from $5 to $15 per month depending on your sign-up promotion. You may use this version and find it perfect for your use, but our firm and other professional firms we know do not support this version. The simple explanation is that the product lacks adequate professional support by design, sharply contrasting the rest of the product line.

Endorsed versions

The other QuickBooks versions and monthly prices are:

Simple Start $12.50 to $25

Essentials $25 to $50

Plus $40 to $80

Advanced $126 to $180

Tips on choosing a version

The good news is that it is easy to switch from one version so don’t get bogged down with this decision. We can make a recommendation based on a discussion of how you run your business. The lowest first year rate is available if you sign up directly with intuit. But the lowest long term rate is available if you sign up through an accountant. Once you choose one or the other, you cannot switch back to benefit from the lowest rates offered the other channel. The amount a business saves by signing up through an accountant pays for one or two hours of bookkeeping so most clients elect that approach.

Tony Novak CPA is a gold level QuickBooks ProAdvisor