Sample Tax Services Agreement

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Each year I’ve modified my tax services engagement agreement as circumstances and technologies change. This is the current version of the individual tax service engagement agreement. The primary goal of the engagement agreement remains the same: to document our mutual understanding or the work to be performed in a plainly worded format. Thank you for choosing me […]

Trump sparks tax protest plans

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Over the past month I’ve heard and read about a number of tax protest plans. Some are idiotic, others are criminal. Some might actually work. Some taxpayers want to take advantage of imagined tax reductions promoted by scammers. Other refuse to support the federal government led by Donald Trump and are looking for the safest […]

Warning to small businesses about 1099 filing requirements

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Facebook Live video added. Based on a handful of disturbing conversations and online exchanges over the past two days, I feel compelled to send this message to my small business clients: “This year the Internal Revenue Service has moved forward the deadline for filing information returns for payments that businesses made in 2016 to its contractors. Form […]

Two changes to tax preparation fees for 2016

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The only two significant changes to tax preparation services from 2015 to 2016 stem from changes the IRS implemented to hold tax preparers financially responsibility for tax fraud. IRS knows that a significant amount of fraud comes from two types of tax returns: People who file for refundable tax credits like Earned Income Credit, Child Tax Credit or American […]

Four good reasons to use an ITIN

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If you do not have a social security number, perhaps because you do not have legal immigration status in the US yet, then I strongly recommend that you obtain and use an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Here are four key points: No fear of INS –  An ITIN is not used as an immigration enforcement tool. Many millions […]

Why small business taxpayers must use QuickBooks

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Note: Throughout this post the term “QuickBooks” means any electronic accounting system, not specifically the brand name product. There is evidence, as cited in the story, that the market dominance of the branded product has caused the term to be used to describe a class of electronic accounting products. I am accredited with QuickBooks and several other accounting […]