The fallacy of diversity and inclusion statements

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I am pleased to work with a wide range of nonprofit organization managers 1. This includes the executives of churches, synagogues, environmental groups, professional and trade associations. One thing that almost all share is a focus on outreach and recruitment. It’s a core theme for most nonprofits, and I think it is fair to say […]

“More than a Vote” and the long road ahead to the next election

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I serve as accountant or treasurer to several nonprofit organizations focused on education and registration of voters. We are more concerned about voter suppression and voter disenfranchisement now than in any earlier time in our lives. That’s why this excerpt published yesterday by writer Heather Cox Wilkinson jumped out at me. “Basketball superstar LeBron James […]

Summary of the HEROS Act

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This past week the U.S. House of Representatives passed the HEROS Act that includes: – Money for city and state governments struggling to provide public services with the collapse in tax revenue– Hazard pay for front line workers– Virus testing, tracing and treatment– Second round of direct payments to citizens make up for lost income– […]

The 2020 Government/Capitalist Surveillance Agenda

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There’s a huge battle brewing right now over our rights to privacy. It is widely agreed that the most effective tool to control the current and future pandemics is tracking software,  easily installed on our phones. Some countries are moving ahead with the requirement to use this technology.The U.S. is likely to take eventually adopt […]

New Jersey political forecast 2020

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Political forecasting is an important part of effective small business strategic management. This is a digest of the latest Politico “New Jersey Playbook” published Thursday 4/23 reporting on the latest Monmouth University statewide poll results: MARIJUANA: It looks like New Jersey will be legalizing marijuana. 61% in favor, 34% opposed. PRESIDENT AND SENATE: Biden leads […]

59 Q&As on Families First Coronoavirus Response Act All Miss the Main Point!

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The U. S. Department of Labor thoughtfully provides 59 Questions and Answers related to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act but omits the most common situation encountered in the small business market. So I will add Q and A #60 to the list: 60: What happens if my employer has lost 75% to 90% of […]

“I hope you weren’t looking to read good news this morning”

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A few clients and other people have commented about my lack of response to recent government actions. Some, I notice, seem to be enjoying an emotional buzz about jockeying for their potential share of the $2 Trillion government aid package. In short, it’s just that there isn’t much worthwhile for me to say about any […]

Does this marketing strategy make sense?

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I’ve been a subscriber to The Wall Street Journal for almost 40 years. I started way back in college, about age 19, after responding to a special offer to students. While I had already cultivated an interest in current events, reading the publications of Time, Esquire, Popular Science and The Wall Street Journal really helped […]