What I learned about traffic court today

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I visited traffic court in Millville, New Jersey today. I haven’t had any interaction with traffic court in at least a few decades so I spent time asking questions and looking for information. I was surprised by a bizarre ticket came in the mail last light that had a court appearance listed for this morning. […]

Trump v. Vance Supreme Court case preview

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Our matter-of-survival national crisis aside, this is an interesting legal case for Constitutional law hobbyists like me. To be clear, I blog on Supreme Court cases from time to time here as an interested hobbyist, not as an adviser and not meant to imply any level of expertise. Accounting Today did a great job of […]

Address review – October 2019

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For all of my adult life I’ve had more than one address. Occasionally government entities and agencies have launched investigations or made complaints about my address. I suspect this is politically motivated but I have no proof. Those government actions have accelerated lately and I anticipate more aggressive prosecutions in the future. The tension is […]

How to protect yourself from IRS Collections and Private Collection Agencies

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IRS is expanding the use of private collection agencies to collect tax debt. If you are among the 1 in 15 adults who owes tax debt then there are specific steps that you should take to protect your money and your privacy. 1. You have rights. But it is up to you to know those […]

No, you don’t get to face your accuser (Small business beware!)

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Anonymous whistleblower complaints are a powerful government force regularly used against small business owners. Over the weekend Donald Tump tweeted another indication of his misunderstanding of how government works. False Tweets from Trump are hardly noteworthy in themselves but this one hits a nerve for me. As a small business owner I’ve faced at least […]

Legal advice by an accountant

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Avoiding the unauthorized practice of law I have added this clause to all engagement agreements for clarity on making distinction on the issue of authorized and unauthorized practice of law. Legal advice Advice regarding business strategies may involve an application of general principles of business law but my services do not extend to the actual […]

Accountant with false prosecutions

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Twice I’ve been convicted of crimes in the state of New Jersey based on the false testimony of police officers. The first time, 2014, I overcame the false testimony in appeals court. The second time, 2018, the court sided with the officer and I was branded with a criminal conviction. This triggers me to take […]

Six basic rules for handling a tax audit

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Everyone hopes to avoid a tax audit but sometimes it happens anyway. An audit always starts with a written notification by mail from the IRS, state, or local tax authority. It might just be triggered by a simple computer-generated “mismatch” error or it might be the beginning of one of the more rare types of […]

Legal impact of residency and domicile

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Taxes and a wide range of other legal and business issues are affected by the legal concepts of residency and domicile. Individuals who have physical connections to more than one state should carefully consider the implications of the laws in each state that may claim jurisdiction of any legal or business issue. In some cases it […]

How Facebook’s IRS tax case applies to us

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Facebook’s multi-billion dollar tax case in the news today has implications for us ordinary tax-paying citizens. Two take-home lessons: If you rely solely on the Taxpayer Bill of Rights without other statutory authority, then this adds a level of procedural risk to your dispute. We do routinely rely on these procedures and expectations of ‘fair play’ […]