When “Hire an expert” doesn’t work for taxes

When we seek information on complex business or personal tax matters, the conventional appropriate advice is “hire an expert”. I do not disagree. I use tax and legal experts often. But increasingly I see why that advice is not useful for clients from a practical viewpoint.

Consider these counter points:
1) The pool of specific tax expert resources to refer to is dwindling in comparison to increasing demand and widening areas of technical complexity.
2) The price of tax expert services is soaring above what many working class people can afford to pay.
3) The fundamental legal premise of a person’s obligation to calculate, report and pay taxes does not include the supposition that it is beyond the taxpayer’s intellectual capabilities to do so. The system is designed to support those who make their best efforts.
4) For the large majority: nobody knows more about the intricoes of your business, finances, or contracts, more than you.
5) For the large majority, over the long term, no source of advice is more valuable than the person with the role of most trusted adviser.


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