Don’t shoot the legal messenger!

Only one day after I resigned from multiple Facebook tax groups because people were increasingly taking offense to my style of blunt reference to tax law, I am getting the same treatment in two other non-tax Facebook groups.

Two people hurled names and insults when I referred to state fisheries law and suggested caution when posting photos that provide evidence of violating that law. One person wrote that my deference to law was due to my Democratic political persuasion. Interesting that you can determine my political views from a comment referencing fisheries law.

In another situation, a nonprofit business person was offended when I said that the state business startup information was easily available online to correct her stated misunderstandings about the process. Apparently suggesting that they Google step-by-step instructions is now considered “woke” by this person.

If you want to ignore the law or remain ignorant of the law because it is easier to post on Facebook that you are confused, that’s your business. But it seems unfair to criticize or insult a person for mentioning that the law is simple and clear on the issue you raised.

Yes, I know that my executive coach would say that it is a matter of how I say it, not just what I say. New Jersey chapter president of the International Coaching Federation Jo Colontonio at Ignite Business Partners would say that I continue to “poke the bear”. 😉

From a higher level abstract viewpoint, I need to recognize that a significant portion of our society is vested n maintaining a level of uncertainty and legal noncompliance. The serenity prayer philosophy tells me to learn to accept that is not something I will change, so I should just accept it.

These happy young tax experts in an advertisement for at my alma mater may not yet realize that not everyone welcomes clarity on the law.