What I learned about traffic court today

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I visited traffic court in Millville, New Jersey today. I haven’t had any interaction with traffic court in at least a few decades so I spent time asking questions and looking for information. I was surprised by a bizarre ticket came in the mail last light that had a court appearance listed for this morning. […]

New Jersey Taxes 4th Highest in U.S.

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Kiplinger’s Magazine, November 2020, ranked New Jersey as the 4th worst state for total taxes paid by middle income residents. This poor ranking was triggered solely by our high property taxes. Kiplinger’s wrote: “For middle-class families in the Garden State, income taxes are relatively low when compared with other states. New Jersey checked with the […]

What’s going on in D.C. and how does it affect your South Jersey business?

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Yesterday the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce sponsored a discussion program with government policy experts from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce titled “What’s going on in D.C. and how it affects your business?”. If you own a small business in New Jersey (like me) the basic question is likely ‘How bad will it be?’ This […]

Trends in tax crimes

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I missed a continuing professional education program on IRS criminal tax procedures yesterday due to ongoing problems restoring utilities after the storm on Tuesday. But I just read the program materials and the IRS 2019 report on criminal tax investigations and one thing jumps out at me: Drug related cases far outweigh all other categories […]

New Jersey political forecast 2020

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Political forecasting is an important part of effective small business strategic management. This is a digest of the latest Politico “New Jersey Playbook” published Thursday 4/23 reporting on the latest Monmouth University statewide poll results: MARIJUANA: It looks like New Jersey will be legalizing marijuana. 61% in favor, 34% opposed. PRESIDENT AND SENATE: Biden leads […]

New Jersey Small Business Disaster Relief Checklist

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Checklist of resources Federal Financial Resources through SBA] Payroll Protection Program through your own bank New Jersey State Financial Resources Income Tax Payment Deferral Information Private/ Corporate/ Third-Party Financial Resources New Jersey Business Action Center (BAC) New Jersey Department of Labor New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) NJ Department of Labor Information For Employees regarding […]

Our immediate response plan

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The world we knew changed in a flash. I’ve retooled my work to focus 100% on response to the effects of this shutdown issue. Crisis management strategy is something many have not dealt with before. Having lived though years of another devastating crisis and spent countless hours on strategic recovery for my own business and […]

New Jersey election violations cost nine candidates $42,797

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Today the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) announced that nine municipal government candidates, one county clerk candidate, one freeholder candidate, and one state assembly candidates must pay fines and fees totaling $42,797 for violating the Campaign Contributions and Expenditures Reporting Act. My job as a NJ certified election campaign treasurer is to help […]

My unlikely ramble into national politics

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A reflection on my unlikely journey from neighborhood flood response to construction techniques to national politics. Before 2016 I was not personally active in politics. Yet as a small business owner I financially supported a number of candidates in both parties, typically in small dollar amounts from $250 to $500 per campaign over several decades. […]