My unlikely ramble into national politics

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A reflection on my unlikely journey from neighborhood flood response to construction techniques to national politics. Before 2016 I was not personally active in politics. Yet as a small business owner I financially supported a number of candidates in both parties, typically in small dollar amounts from $250 to $500 per campaign over several decades. […]

Democrat or Republican: still a dangerous fraudster

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I supported Van Drew back when Trump was a Democrat fraudster. Now Trump’s a much more dangerous Republican fraudster. Fraud is still fraud. This is not about party politics. Dear Congressman Van Drew: You wrote in a fundraising letter that we “are fixated on one thing and one thing only. Bringing down Donald Trump. I […]

I don’t know politics

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Lately a lot of people seem to want to talk with me about politics. That’s probably because I am the accountant or treasurer for politicians and politically-connected nonprofit organizations. I am polite when this occurs but really I don’t know anything about the topic and have nothing to contribute to the conversation. I try to […]

Worker classification status; proposed change in New Jersey

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This is how the so-called ‘ABC’ codification test may change for determining proper classification of independent contractors in New Jersey. Under current law, a worker can be classified as an independent contractor if: A. Such individual has been and will continue to be free from control or direction over the performance of such service, both […]

I will not be silent on Trump fraud and cruelty in South Jersey

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“What hurts the victim most is not the cruelty of the oppressor, but the silence of the bystander” – Elie Wiesel I personally saw the cruelty, greed and crimes of Donald Trump ruin families who were my neighbors in the Atlantic City area more than two decades ago. As president of a nearby chapter of […]

Grateful for New Jersey Christmas trees

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New Jersey is home to hundreds of small farms that grow Christmas trees. Most are small family-run business operations. Together, these farms cover 4,600 acres that produce 69,000 Christmas trees every year. Overall, this small but important industry generates about $3.5 million annual revenue each December. Most of these farms invite families to come out […]

My small contribution to helping the world get back on track in 2020

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Sometime early in this millenium I navigated to a path as a progressive environmental activist. I went from a young man in the Young Republicans Club with a background in animal science (now recognized as an environmentally unsustainable field), driving fast sports cars and boats to a mature guy focused on restorative aquaculture and renewable […]

South Jersey takes another political hit

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For my entire adult life, I recall neighbors and politicians complaining that South Jersey does not get the political attention or support that we deserve, based on our population and financial contributions to New Jersey. One way of improving this, of course, is to build stronger “grass roots” political leaders to represent us in Trenton […]

Why the changes to NJ S4202 ( employee vs contractor) are no big deal

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Keep it simple: if you primarily provide your labor to someone for pay then you are an employee. If you run a licensed business, with typical business features like a business plan, advertising, business insurance, and pay business taxes then you likely work as an independent contractor. I’m aware that some people are making a […]