Highest property tax rates in the country

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The topic of declining mid-Atlantic shoreline property values and accelerating taxes is a controversial topic, especially in the rich communities that have not yet felt the real impact of tidal inundation. Just talking about the serious problem almost got me killed years ago when I first started covering the topic for investors. (That’s a story […]

Pass through income exclusion for rental properties

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If you own investment real estate, maybe your taxes will be lower, or maybe not. One of the most uncertain issues of 2018 tax reporting was clarified today by IRS Notice 2019-7. This notice provides a safe harbor for determination of when a rental property is a business that qualifies for the 20% exclusion from […]

New Jersey real estate tax credit program made simple

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This post attempts to list in simplified wording what we know and what we don’t know about New Jersey’s new real estate tax credit program. What we know: 1. In May of 2018 the tax credit program became law, even though most details of its operation were missing. 2. The program allows taxpayers to take […]

The Basics of Medicaid Planning

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This blog post lists key issues in bullet format and is not intended as a complete discussion of any issue. A more thorough consideration is helpful for any aspect that may pertain to your family’s situation. Definition: “Medicaid planning” refers to the specialized field of financial planning that recognizes that it is possible to simultaneously keep financial assets while, […]

Remodelers/Developers Wanted in Money Island NJ

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I’ve been working on the redevelopment of Money Island New Jersey as a working waterfront aquaculture-based community. The overall community redevelopment plan is posted here. Throughout this process that includes some properties I own, I have also been authorized to represent some of the other principles in this community in planning various other aspects of this […]

Cumulative effects of coastal flooding

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How I concluded that my township would go bankrupt and what I’m doing about it This blog post is written on the eve of hurricane Harvey’s expected strike on the lowlands of the Texas gulf coast. It is written in response to a peer CPA’s inquiry yesterday on how I concluded that the combined effect […]