Activism revisited

I became a civic activist in my early 30s, about the same time I became a father. Like the planning for other aspects of my life, I try to approach it with a clear 5 step process: vision, mission, goals, strategy and plan B.

Now is a good time to review, clarify and focus on these with an eye on the serenity prayer: “grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference”. That’s the purpose of this mental exercise.


A just world based on democratic principles that protects all from bullies and fascists.


End minority rule government in the U.S.


1) End filibuster rules in Senate that prevents majority rule.
2) Expand Supreme Court to reflect the will of the people.
3) Remove blatant criminals and fascists from government.


1) Live a life of daily action that helps close the gap of prejudice against elitists. This includes charity, mentoring, and clear logical and fact-based communication on ESG strategy.
2) Maintain purchase boycotts of companies that oppose the vision and mission.
3) Support organizations that expand voter registration and safer mail-in voting initiatives.
4) Do not provide financial support to candidates who use the money for social media or TV advertising.
5) Support Senate candidates nationally who may help support the goals.
6) Support NJ candidates who may help conserve our state’s majority.

Plan B:

Build financial liquidity to relocate to another country that supports the vision if necessary.