Rules for CPAs who handle clients’ PPP loans

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Last year the AICPA issued ethics guidance to CPAs who handle PPP loan application and forgiveness applications for their business clients. This has become a significant issue for me lately. The guidance reminds practitioners that assisting the client in this capacity is considered a nonattest service requiring application of the independence and related rules in […]

Honorable James Dannenberg resignation letter

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This letter is reposted here because it is the best written rebuke of the Supreme Court I’ve ever read. The Chief Justice of the United States One First Street, N.E. Washington, D.C. 20543 March 11, 2020 Dear Chief Justice Roberts: I hereby resign my membership in the Supreme Court Bar. This was not an easy […]

Twelve consumer product businesses to avoid

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These twelve companies sell to consumers; meaning there is usually a consumer market choice to be made. They made the list either for supporting the current national political regime or for unrelenting damage to the environment. I won’t buy from any of them and I hope that you don’t either. Home Depot Chick-fil-A Anheuser-Busch CVS […]

The Impact of “Funny Numbers”

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Will the ‘tone at the top’ trigger an increase in tax fraud? There are a few topics that I don’t talk about or write about in this blog. It’s usually because they are some combination of distasteful, unethical. illegal, immoral, controversial and a ‘no-win’ situation. One of those topics is accounting fraud. I covered the […]

The Basics of Medicaid Planning

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This blog post lists key issues in bullet format and is not intended as a complete discussion of any issue. A more thorough consideration is helpful for any aspect that may pertain to your family’s situation. Definition: “Medicaid planning” refers to the specialized field of financial planning that recognizes that it is possible to simultaneously keep financial assets while, […]

Skeletons in the closet

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Every day now there are more stories of successful men brought to account for their past sexual indiscretions. I’ve wondered aloud how many high powered guys don’t have something to be ashamed of in this regard in their past. I suspect that many more men are scared now. It’s also perfectly clear to me that […]

Add impact to ‘Not My President’s Day’

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Resolve today to take a strong personal stance to avoid paying federal income taxes. Just make sure to do it safely and legally! On this historic “Not My President’s Day” I am reminded that civil protest has its limitations. Don’t get me wrong; I strongly support and encourage civil protest. Consider the old folk song “Charlie […]

Scoreboard: Radical Republicans – 0, Concerned Citizens – 1

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Anyone who doesn’t believe that outspoken citizens can make a difference remember today, the first day of the new 2017 Congressional session. I’ve been clear for the past month that my leadership plan this year is to draw attention to feeble policies and unacceptable individual actions for the purpose of emboldening leadership to oppose the stated […]

U.S. risks abadnoning Declaration of Human Rights

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The flaws of “putting America first” Long before the nationalistic and discriminatory rhetoric of Trump, the United States committed to uphold the  basic human rights of all people of the world equally without preference: “Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as […]