Sample letter of instruction

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An earlier version of this post was originally published in 2011 when I was recovering from a long term disability that left residual cognitive and memory issues. My original intent was to help myself, my family, and others be better organized for disability or death. It is republished now updated with the use of new […]

The Basics of Medicaid Planning

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This blog post lists key issues in bullet format and is not intended as a complete discussion of any issue. A more thorough consideration is helpful for any aspect that may pertain to your family’s situation. Definition: “Medicaid planning” refers to the specialized field of financial planning that recognizes that it is possible to simultaneously keep financial assets while, […]

Estate tax repeal is a dead issue for now

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We should no longer expect a repeal of the estate tax in the foreseeable future. The estate tax affects only multi-millionaires and, in short, there is no political will to change this part of tax law to appease that small group of privileged Americans. Estate tax repeal was brought up in the news yesterday as […]

How to help employees on Obamacare

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How does a small business employer help an employee who receives subsidized Obamacare coverage but still struggles to afford the cost of out-of-pocket costs including the large deductibles? The easiest way is to set up an employer-sponsored supplemental insurance coverage. This option is increasingly popular because it is exempt from most types of tax regulations […]

New Jersey death tax update

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Until now, New Jersey had both an estate tax and an inheritance tax. Estate taxes are paid by the deceased person’s estate before the money is distributed to their heirs. Inheritance taxes are paid by the heir who inherits the money or assets. The New Jersey law referred to as the Transportation Trust Fund bill negotiated by state […]