Random reflections tonight after the Super Bowl

When the members of churches who taught me my most fundamental ethical beliefs like: Iove my neighbor and foreigners alike, treat all people equally, respect the poor and disabled, give money and time freely, do not steal, do not kill, turn the other cheek – now teach the exact opposite,

When the person I recognized as the most vile and corrupt criminal I have ever worked with is later elected as president of the nation,

When the definition of the words “Republican” and “conservative” mean the exact opposite of when I first identified with them five decades ago,

When, on a daily basis, people in influential positions object to my conclusion that we do not have enough core education or factual information in our lives to support rational and ethical thinking,

When the person advertising on the Super Bowl to be the next president of the U.S. is most accurately described as a lunatic conspiracy theorist , even by his own family,

When the sponsor of the Super Bowl is the company that has drawn more consumer complaints and more concern over data misuse this past year than any other,

When the tax software company advertising on the Super Bowl has been repeatedly fined for lying to consumers and selling their private financial data continues the same practices,

When the only social media communication channel I use that is not corporate controlled and does not limit or restrict the distribution of non-offensive content (like this reflection), is also the one used by the lowest number of people,

Then I wonder how it all happened that came to feel that I barely even have a grasp on understanding the human world around me today.