Is my small business required to file Form 1095?

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Form 1095 is a new informational tax return that is a requirement incorporated into of the Affordable Care Act. Some small businesses are required to file it for the first time this season. There are three types of Form 1095: 1095A from a Health Insurance Marketplace 1095B usually from an employer (the form discussed below […]

Changing opinions on small business health plan penalty taxes

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Section 4980D small business excise taxes on Form 8928: which penalty applies? My article about Section 4980D excise tax penalties (NJ CPA magazine article on 4980D penalties) was written late last summer summer (in 2015) but published last week (in 2016). The risk of print media in a fast-paced topic like tax procedure is that it can […]

“My accountant disappeared”

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This is the time of year when many individuals find out that, for some reason, the person who prepared their financial statements or tax returns in the past is no longer available. Self employed CPAs, accountants, tax preparers change their business circumstances with surprising frequency. Some speculate that they are simply sucked into a black […]

Three tips for wage tax do-it-yourselfers

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Here are three tips if you prepare your own W2 and 1099 forms for your small business: The first tip is that there is no need to purchase the stock forms from an office supply store. The forms are available for free from IRS at . The second tip is don’t do this again! If you […]

My two rules about tax preparation fees

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My tax return preparation fees are bench-marked with published industry averages to ensure that I won’t be the least expensive and won’t be the most expensive. But my practice is based on adding substantial financial value through long term relationships, not competing on price with an average tax preparation service. Two specific rules that I […]

S-Corporation owner/employee health insurance

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Tax treatment of health insurance for owner/employees of S-Corporations has always been, and continues to be, a confusing issue. The controlling authority is Rev. Proc. 2014-41 that provides guidance to compute the business deduction (IRC §162) for health insurance costs for self-employed individuals and the premium tax credit allowed under (IRC§ 36B). IRS Notice 2015-17 provides assurance […]

4980D Small Business Excise Tax Liability

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This is the original submitted version of the article published by New Jersey CPA magazine under the same title in the January 2016 edition. The published version was slightly shortened to meet space requirements in the print publication. Background The Affordable Care Act adds Section 9815 to the Internal Revenue Code that requires employer-provided health plans […]

Tax preparation fees represent the “wild west” of the financial services industry

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We are just three weeks away from the opening of a new tax filing season and so the subject of disclosure of tax preparation fees comes up again. My opinions differ sharply from the mainstream of the tax preparation industry. The tax preparation industry may be the last bastion of “let the buyer beware” free […]