Should a CPA help a delinquent taxpayer? a criminal? a drug dealer?

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A CPA posed a question online about whether he should help a person who had not filed income tax returns for years but now wants to come clean and catch up. It was surprising to me that almost all the CPAs who responded said they would not help. Many had strong logical arguments for their […]

Overview of tax related bank products for tax preparers

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E-Collect is a fee-withholding service from EPS Financial that allows your customers to have your tax preparation fees withheld from their tax refund. E-Collect offers three different refund disbursement methods to your clients: a paper check, direct deposit, and a prepaid card, all for the lowest cost in the industry, including a no cost option. […]

CPA Tax Rates for 2015

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Until now, I have used negotiated flat fees for all accounting services – including tax services – under an approach commonly called “value pricing”. These fees should have some reasonable basis and market rate or competitive pricing may be one input into this basis of pricing. We presume that there is social value in having consumers […]