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My two rules about tax preparation fees

My tax return preparation fees are bench-marked with published industry averages to ensure that I won’t be the least expensive and won’t be the most expensive. Two specific rules that I follow about tax return preparation fees:

  1. If your question about the fee is our first topic of conversation then I won’t be the person preparing your tax return. This is just something that I have learned from experience. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your asking this question; it is a perfectly logical and appropriate question. But asking this as a leading question simply indicates to me that there is a probability that we would not be a good match to work together. From my perspective, price of your tax return preparation is among the least important issues that we should be discussing at this point. It simply makes more sense for you to find another accountant. I will be pleased to make a referral at your request.
  2. We will agree to the fee and terms of service in writing in advance. I will offer a preview of the work at no cost or obligation and offer a written fee quotation after I’ve looked at your documents and estimated the work required.

If you are interested in an estimate of tax preparation fees without a more detailed examination of your specific situation, then those figures are already available online. Please see this page for more information on tax preparation services.


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