The necessary response to disinformation

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“Information warfare threat to the United States is different from past threats, and it has the potential to destroy reason and reality as a basis for societal discourse, replacing them with rage and fantasy. Perpetual civil war, political extremism, waged in the information sphere and egged on by our adversaries is every bit as much […]

How to measure your wireless signal strength

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My blog primarily covers small business financial planning issues but occasionally wanders into technical issues when it seems like the advice would be useful and the information is not plainly available elsewhere. In this case many of us work from home or mobile locations using a Windows 10 based notebook computer. Wireless signal strength is […]

Low tech approach to avoid computer spying

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Last week I made a post of unusual and unexplained personal security issue that seemed to know that an advertiser knew what I was thinking, but had not spoken or written down. An customized advertisement appeared offering to sell me a Bobcat loader (hardly a common consumer advertisement) on the day after I considered buying […]

A quick review of StreamYard

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Today I tested the free version of StreamYard for live video broadcasting1. There are many impressive features that are not addressed here. This post is not intended to explain why I (or anyone else) would want to have certain features available. This post simply lists the challenges anticipated in StreamYard if I continue my normal […]

Six things I can’t believe that you are not using yet

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As we end the decade, I look around with amazement at the general lack of regard for online security. I don’t know if people don’t know the risks, underestimate the risks, object to the cost, simply don’t care, or possibly there is some other reason. I would have presumed that most people would have adopted […]

Verizon Wireless cellular data throttling revisited

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Today the news coverage of ATT’s $60 million fine for deliberately throttling cellular internet data raises new questions for me. I’ve covered the same issue with Verizon Wireless in detail here on my blog for years. The most recent blog post documenting the problem is here. Verizon Wireless admits to the practice of deliberate throttling. […]

Lenovo Thinkpad T-580: one year review of a solid notebook computer

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A little more than a year ago I purchased a Lenovo Thinkpad T580 notebook computer and by now I now have at least a thousand hours of use on it. I reviewed it last October in another log post here. This is a short bullet point update of that review now, a year later. No doubt, this […]

Edge vs. Chrome for small business

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I am considering switching from Chrome to Edge as a primary business browser on Windows 10 machines. Security will be the highest consideration in the decision with privacy, speed and resource consumption also important issues. No decision is made yet. One thing is clear: the two were not even close until the most recent fall […]

Tech changes this week rock small businesses

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Both of these issues came in the last days of September. As of today, I only know that both issues deserve more attention. MICROSOFT: This is significant technical news for the legal and accounting fields as well as many other small businesses who use a Windows based system to manage data. Bottom line: I will […]