A quick review of StreamYard

Today I tested the free version of StreamYard for live video broadcasting1. There are many impressive features that are not addressed here. This post is not intended to explain why I (or anyone else) would want to have certain features available. This post simply lists the challenges anticipated in StreamYard if I continue my normal daily use. Some or all of these may be solved, or a workaround may be available.
1) The paid version is $25 per month, more than Zoom. For now I can get by with the free single destination version showing the SteamYard logo.
2) When using this platform to live Broadcast on Facebook, it does not show who is connected and does not show comments (as you would see if broadcasting directly from Facebook Live).
3) SteamYard must be broadcast from a desktop or laptop. I usually broadcast from an iPad outside my office.
4) When shared to a Facebook group where a Facebook Live would normally be view-able, the content recorded on StreamYard may be unavailable due to an diagnosed security issue.

1 The live link includes the referral identifier for the person who referred me.


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