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Today I hit the 100 Web site visitor milemark; the first time since the sale of MedSave more than a year ago. Much of the growth comes from marketing the expansion of the national health insurance exchange, but I made a personal effort to put more “out there” on traditional and social media sites today.
More than 80% of my visitors come from Google. I know that others report different experiences but it’s always been that way for me no matter what I do. Almost all of the visitors used a different path and entry page; I don’t have any particularly popular articles or topics out there as has been the case in earleir years when I wrote about diabetes and Health Savings Accounts. FreedomBenefits.net gets more traffic than any other site I publish but the six subdomains are also beginning to get attention. The 100 visitors probably hit a total of 10-12 different domains I write for, including the blogs and social media.
I expect that Web traffic will continue to grow in that slow curve as in the past. Surprises, sales and change of employment aside, I should expect 200 visitors in the first half of 2011 and 500 visitors before the end of 2013. I continue to believe that in my business 500 visitors per day is the critical mass that sparks a self-sustaining business with the security of a marketable value. Anything less is just “working for a living”.


3 responses to “100 Web visitors today”

  1. Congratulations on your “return,” Tony! I have no doubt you’ll hit your goal right on time … you are a true go-getter in the world of insurance education! We’ll be watching!

  2. Carole:
    Your advvice, comments and encouragement has always been a valuable asset.

  3. I’m looking back at this early post now in the middle of June 2014 when 100 visitors per day would be a disaster. I typically see about 500 per day but on “big news days” for Obamacare the number has surged into the thousands. But visitors has not translated ddirrectly into revenue as it did back in the MedSave days.

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