5 Years Since Sandy

In each of the five years since Sandy I’ve given interviews and written about the story of the recovery of Money Island, New Jersey. Now, finally, at five years the story is taking a turn. I have an interview today and plan to spend some time on a blog post tonight.

Here’s a little history of the story:

Year 1 2013  http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/mobi/storm/rising-sea-level-imperils-future-of-bayshore-hamlet-in-cumberland/article_e5a1b29a-5790-11e2-805a-0019bb2963f4.html

Year 2 – 2014 http://tonynovak.com/post-sandy-government-shame-list/

Year 3 – 2015 http://tonynovak.com/sandy-3-year-anniversary-where-am-i-now/

Year 4 – 2016 http://tonynovak.com/the-latest-on-sandy-recovery-almost-4-12-years-later/



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