A 2016 marketing suggestion for small business advocates

I am starting 2016 with this bold self-promotion that is, bluntly, outside of my comfort zone. The intent is to give a boost to my public appearance schedule that, during a long period of injury recovery, dropped off while I was not working in this field.

If you produce conferences, write a blog, offers workshops or produce other media that focuses on small business issues then I suggest that there may be at least three good reasons to consider including me in an upcoming project:


I am one of the few advisers who, since the mid-1990s, has been focused on  the exciting possibilities of improving small business performance through more efficient delivery of services. I’ve focused my work on refining technologies for small businesses that get more critical tasks accomplished in less time. I maintain professional licenses in all 50 dates and DC and certifications in popular accounting platforms. I make a library of unique, timely and relevant supplemental information about small business management available for free online. These resources add up to a wealth of more than a thousand free searchable articles accumulated over decades and periodically revised to keep current with changing law and practices.


I am one of the few small business advisers who publishes flat fees online to ensure transparency and to benchmark these fees to industry averages to ensure high value. Again, it’s all about delivering value to small business owners!


I am one of the few small business advisers with formal degree training in both the legal background well as the operational aspects of key small business issues like employee benefits and compensation planning. I am blessed to be considered a health care subject matter expert in print publications and live recordings by the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants and Rockhurst University Press. I was the instructor for my firm’s accredited Continuing Professional Education program in small business employee benefits for Pennsylvania accountants, attorneys and insurance agents. I have delivered many presentations at industry conferences and was invited (and then quickly uninvited by former Republican House leader Newt Gingrich) to testify before Congress about small business employee benefits. I taught financial planning at Delaware Valley University to adults in the evening division and occasionally have comments about financial planning published in national media like The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Money Magazine and Business Week.


I would love to hear from you if you may wish to include me in your 2016 business plans. Reach me at onlineadviser@live.com or (800) 609-0683. More information and a curriculum vitae is available at tonynovak.com.


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