A birthday greeting

Today is my birthday. I was born on this day in 1960 which makes me 46 after application of my election to take a one decade “do over” for lost time; a concept that almost everyone of my age appreciates. In my case this joke is grounded in reality since I spent most of the past decade recovering from a traumatic head injury, retaking my professional examinations and requalifying myself to return to the business world. It’s been a difficult time and makes quite a story. But the end result is that I’m back at full force and working hard to make up for lost time.

Since launching my first business at age 17 growing and selling sweet corn to Genuardi’s supermarket in Norristown PA, to ventures in real estate investment and residential remodeling, to the building and sale of my internet start-up company, to the nonprofits I serve, and most recently the struggle toward sustainability for our coastline businesses, I am fortunate to have packed a wide range of learning experiences and practical skills building into a relatively short number of years. From my early investment banking training on Wall Street with Drexel Burnham Lambert to my shift to online advisory services in the 1990s and most recently a focus on developing alternative types of financing since 2009, all of my training is focused on helping small businesses grow. My mission is to share those skills with other small businesses now on their way up; knowing full well that many will far surpass my own level of experience and success.

I am writing this personal post on my business blog today to encourage greater personal interaction and a deepening of casual business relationships. It is common, for example, for casual business associates to reach out to say “Happy Birthday” on social media. Yet most of us who do this with business contacts have not really considered how we might actually develop a deeper relationship for mutual business benefit.

So thank you for sending birthday greetings. I suggest that we seize this opportunity to potentially benefit both of us by scheduling a conversation to kick around a few ideas on how we might be able to further develop our businesses together.

I invite you to consider the question: “How can I benefit from partnering with an experienced small business adviser with the connections and know-how to develop our businesses together?”

PS. I hosted a big birthday bash/open house/community barbecue at Money Island Marina today and was completely exhausted by the end of the day. So if you do respond to this post, please give me a little extra time to follow-up on birthday greetings.

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