A plan to use Twitter for business

I recently committed myself to explore and develop a plan to use Twitter in my business. Like most small business people, I have a Twitter account and use it without a specific plan or goal. As a result, Twitter does not contribute to my business results. The plan to change that is simple and straightforward. The first three steps are:

  1. Connect to resources to learn more. – @lynncareercoach is my primary local resource , a Twitter expert who was influential in sparking this project. I am now developing and following other online resources.
  2. Analyze where I am now. – Current status is clear: most of my Twitter followers are competitors or social media marketing people. Most of the people I follow are newsmakers or thought leaders. My Tweets go not get any response. My following list now at 750 grows slowly and my followers list now at about 350 (after I finish removing spammers).
  3. Make a plan. – Starting with a goal of building two-way communication with my target market. I will plot out some time on my calendar to spend learning about possibilities for action,

After these three are in place I will execute the plan and then check to see if the result is any different from in Step 2 above.

Back in the early days of the web expansion (late 1980s and 1990s) I build a business worth more than $1 million primarily  by putting high quality financial management content out to small business owners online. I’d certainly like to find out if it is possible to do it again. It seems possible that learning to use Twitter effectively for business might help with that effort.


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