Addressing lawyer wellness

Lawyers in solo practice or in small firms often face high levels of stress. That stress comes from multiple sources and this dilemma isn’t easy to diagnose or address. The observed high incidence of depression – reported in more than one in four lawyers – and substance abuse are evidence of the problem. Positive forces like Rocket Matter’s Legal Wellness Retreat covered in ABA Journal website attempt to provide assembled resources in July.

In my daily practice I’ve found two simple ways to help with this situation:

First, I know that financial stress can be reduced through deliberate planning, especially tax planning. Lawyers are sometimes reluctant to begin this conversation. But once we start talking, positive things unfold. It’s never about having enough money or making more money but rather managing and making better use of the funds available.

Second, just being  positive supporting person can make a big difference. I’ve noticed that offering to be a sounding board on personal or general business issues is often appreciated. My best friends and clients are lawyers in small practices and I strive to bring a bright moment to their day when we connect.



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