Receivables management for accountants and attorneys

In my first meeting with Philadelphia’s David Rubin in early 2017, he made me realize that my vision of accounts receivables management was shortsighted. His professional approach opened my eyes to the availability of a better way to manage this necessary task! I really did not know this service was available and didn’t imagine it would cost so much less than I could do it myself (even if I did have the time), It’s a perfect outsourcing situation. In the year and a half since then, David’ firm has proven valuable to me in several situations. Like many accountants and attorneys, I do not have any internal receivables management policy and have no time to even think about it. The ability to have a firm handle it while knowing they will handle my clients with the highest level of respect is hugely important.

David Rubin is professional, strong and confident. That’s exactly what you want in managing receivables, right? His organizational and data management skills are what really make his business work. I am pleased to give Credit Management Group an unqualified positive endorsement for other accountants, attorneys and other businesses than need similar service. Dave’s contact information is:

David A. Rubin

Credit Management Group, LLC

1515 Market Street, Suite 714, Philadelphia, PA 19102

P: 215 845 5040     C: 215 990 9095     F: 215 827 5456



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