Americans get the government they deserve

The news of the incoming executive branch of government gets more horrific every day for the majority of us who are not in the ultra-elite class.

The most shocking part is that if the vote counts are accurate and not affected by hacked voting machines as some contend, then at least 60 million Americans actually voted for and invited this kakistocracy. Even though millions more people voted against Trump, a flaw in our election system allows Trump to assume office and redirect our nations assets to the wealthiest corporations. We may never know if Trump actually deserved to win electoral college votes since his lawyers are effectively blocking vote recounts and examinations for voting machine hacking in key states.

This is truly a government by the worst people:

We have a president who has been found liable of ripping off small businesses and customers in hundreds of court cases and recently settled fraud charges by 3,000 more. It’s tough to imagine a person who has more effectively proven in well-documented examples that he’s not for us.

We have a vice president who opposes a woman’s exclusive right to end her pregnancy.

An Education Secretary who has fought to replace the public system with private for-profit schools

An Environmental Protection Agency Secretary best known as an advocate of the fossil fuel industry.

A Small Business Administration Director who bought the position with political donations.

A Labor Secretary who opposes a raise in the minimum wage.

A propaganda expert as campaign adviser who cultivated white supremacists

The list goes on.

Already this month we witnessed the Carrier scam. Company executives now admit they didn’t plan on exporting all those jobs that Trump “saved” but taxpayers are paying $7 million to this wealthy corporation anyway. Many of the jobs are being lost anyway. The $7 million corporate extortion payment will be used to retool the U.S. factory with automated machinery to eliminate even more jobs in the future. When the displaced Carrier factory workers spoke up to complain that Trump lied, Trump launched his infamous Twitter campaign against them. What a horrible scam of ordinary working class Americans, and he’s not even in office yet.

Yet despite all this, I still hear from people who refuse to admit that they’ve been conned in the election. It’s impossible to know what type of insult or human suffering it would actually take for these Americans to stand up for their rights. If enough Americans continue to support the fleecing of our nation by the ultra-elite and refuse to voice their objection, then we deserve every bit of suffering yet to come.


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