Are you a financial revolutionist?

Fearless girl on Wall Street
“Fearless girl” sculpture on Wall Street installed March 2017.

A revolutionist is someone who wants to change the world — not just sitting around talking about it, but actually doing something to bring about change. If that describes your approach to personal financial management, then I’d love to have a conversation about what you are doing now and what else can be done to improve your overall results.

Your approach might mean assertive legal tax avoidance, estate planning to maximize the impact of your life’s work, or bold measures to control health care risks. Each of us has a different story to share.

If we do eventually work together, don’t expect the same old financial recommendations. I won’t necessarily endorse the conventional products and strategies that others have proposed. That’s what makes this a revolution. On the other hand, a CPA financial adviser tends to be professionally skeptical and cautious. There is no conflict of interest or motivation other than your financial best interest. The combined result is an efficient, scrappy, lean approach designed to maximize your financial results.

I’d love to hear what you are doing to demand more from your financial efforts.

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