Boycott Sinclair in Pennsylvania

The Sinclair broadcasting network has raised the nation’s awareness of the risk of centralized media control. Fortunately we have no Sinclair stations in New Jersey, Delaware or eastern Pennsylvania – all areas that are known for higher levels of education and independent thinking.  It would be more difficult for a manipulator to gain financial support here. But in central and western Pennsylvania this network does exercise some mind control exercises over less sophisticated people and audiences that are more susceptible to this type of influence. Advertisers do support these stations; at least they did until now.

The four Sinclair stations in Pennsylvania are:

CBS21 WHP – Harrisburg

FOX56 WOLF – Wilkes-Barre

FOX53 WPGH – Pittsburgh

WBC6 WJAC – Bedford

If you know any of the advertisers on these stations please contact them to reinforce the negative impact their money is having on their brand and the better opportunities that are available elsewhere. Make sure that they know that qualified advertising consultants are willing to offer free services to move businesses to more socially acceptable advertising platforms.



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