But I’m not a moron

One of the first startling trends of this presidential election was that voters with lower level of income, education and those with a tendency toward bigoted attitudes are more likely to be Trump supporters. It was first reported in 2015 and confirmed by other polls since then. I’ve blogged about the NBC/Wall Street Journal exit polls taken in some states that showed a disturbing correlation indicating that the duller members of society seem to be driving the Trump bandwagon.

Yet dullards are certainly not the only Trump supporters. I know attorneys and business owners (none of whom have ever met or dealt with Trump in business as far as I know) who support him. One person wrote to me on Facebook: “I have multiple degrees and run a business. No one who ever meets me would consider me a moron, I support Trump”. I explained that the principle of statistical correlation certainly does not mean that every member of the population is controlled by the statistical trend. So in statistical terms, he would called an ‘outlier’ in the statistical data.

But I don’t think it is plausible at this point to  deny the underlying premise that people with lower levels of understanding of political affairs and leadership are more likely to be attracted to Trump. There is simply no data available to refute this observation or to support another conclusion.

It could well come to be that the the poor, tired, uneducated working class or lower income citizens that make up to majority finally has its say in this election in true democratic style.



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