Cleaning up my old blog posts

I just finished manually de-duplicating my personal web page blog posts and found 267 duplicates of the 1200+ gross count. A few were reproduced up to five times. I do not know how that happened. It is possible that they were imported from different publishing sources years ago. There seems to be some harmful impact of the duplication in terms of Google rankings; at least that’s what we read in SEO advisories. So it was important for me to invest the time to do this cleanup task.

The next step in this cleanup process is to remove unwanted header and footer content when some of the posts were transferred to a WordPress platform. This task will likely be outsourced.

Then, as the final step, I will review and update them. This last step is a process that could take me hundreds of hours and would only be justified ether by significant increase in readership or some incentive provided by another publisher.

The new index includes groupings by topic posted at that can also be searched by keyword.


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  1. Welcome to the cloud and by the way the new picture makes you look several centuries younger 🙂

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