Collapse of the democratic rulemaking process

Never in our lifetime has the will of the people mattered less than this month. We know that over 75% of Americans oppose the tax bill being pushed by a small group of Republican oligarchs. Today the federal government repealed net neutrality rules that, as far as we can tell, is an action opposed by almost all of the legislators and 83% of the public polled by the University of Maryland. The president and the five largest internet companies gain both in power and money by the slick maneuvering.

Both of these very unpopular moves were accomplished by subversion of the public democratic rule making process. When we allow government to operate in secrecy, relying on false assertions, without public hearings and debate, this  is the end result.

Meanwhile the Trump administration has repeatedly made it clear that the quality of leadership in government does not matter, as long as “he will always vote with us” (Trump’s last endorsement of accused pedophile and general luney-tune Roy Moore). The cabinet and federal judiciary are now loaded with people who lack a basic understanding of the subject matter over which they preside, yet they “will always vote with us”.

The message is clear. Our opinions don’t matter. Quality of government does not matter. The oligarchy – the top 1% who own most of the country’s assets and earn about 40% of the nation’s income – is in control and intent on pushing an agenda that is in opposition to the will of the people. Even the people who lacked this information and insight a year ago now realize that they’ve made a mistake to trust this government. The few Trump supporting friends and associates I know have changed their position but certainly there are still plenty out there who don’t realize the mess they have created for all of us.

What can we do about it? I’ve considered that question in this blog before and we can be assured that many more Americans will join the #resistance movement in the months and years ahead.


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