CPAs’ role in the political process

Within the next few weeks I expect to be involved in the filming of a video by the New Jersey Society of CPAs about the importance of CPAs’ legislative involvement. Here is the Illinois version of the same topic: While I’m not the filmmaker and am not in any position of charge of the project, I would hope that my input involves more of a “Main Street guy” influence and less of the “society leadership to state leadership” that the IL film projects. IMHO a group of middle age white guys in navy suits standing around talking amongst themselves makes for a pretty dry video. I’d rather see the effects of that effort as played out in real businesses and the lives of people in our communities.


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  1. My own message to legislators and policymakers is that government, not nature, is the real threat to shoreline community sustainability. As a CPA with a background in environmental science I can be pretty persuasive when placed in front of the right people. The professional society’s efforts have helped open doors to legislators, policymakers and the media. In the long run, the impact of my personal choice to become politically active might prove to be a key factor in the recovery of our small bayshore community. Whatever your story, you can likely be more effective with increased political involvement. Legislators really do want to hear from well-prepared CPAs!

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