Defining trumpism

There are easily more than a dozen definitions of trumpism published by online dictionaries. My motivation to post another stems from an observation that our nation’s current tensions may stem from a single simple belief.

trumpism – the belief that we are entitled to more of the world’s resources, jobs, travel, prosperity and freedoms as a U.S. citizen than a person who was born elsewhere. It contrasts with other core belief systems like Christianity and Judaism, for example, that teach us to abhore materialism, to share, and to treat all people as well as we treat ourselves. 

I’ve personally chosen a simple and non materialistic life that is focused on serving others and have covered this topic in other earlier blog posts. I’ve been active as a private citizen on the need for more open borders and immigration reform because my community depends on it. More than 80% of our local work force here among small rural South Jersey businesses are non-citizens on temporary work visas. But we are losing the battle lately. Only a radical change in political climate will save us now.


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