Can we defund federal government through personal tax avoidance?

Almost half of all money used to operate the federal government comes from individual income taxes. More than half of all individual taxpayers are opposed to the policies ushered in by president Trump, the most famous of modern avoiders. Individual political activism is at the highest level we have experienced in our lifetime. An increasing number of people now realize that the most effective way to resist Trump is to stop supporting the federal government with their tax dollars. As a result, we are beginning to see a trend toward individual action to reduce payments as a means of personal protest against the Trump regime.

In some cases individual tax protesters wish to redirect their funds to public nonprofit organizations defunded by Trump. Organizations like ACLU, NPR, PBS, NEA and others have reported an increase in donations from individuals in response to Trump actions they consider unacceptable. Others want to free up more cash to grow their business or stash more away into safe investments for the future. It’s all good, and all accomplished the same way.

Tax avoidance is the legal arrangement of an individual’s financial affairs to avoid payment of federal income tax. The president supports this strategy and used it effectively to avoid paying income taxes for much of his career. This takes work and dedication. Yet over time, almost every taxpayer dedicated to the cause can reduce or eliminate their federal income tax obligation.

I have assisted individual clients with safe legal tax reducing strategies for decades and now I anticipate an increase for this service. Since each individual’s financial priorities are different, the steps taken to avoid federal tax varies. I welcome the opportunity to hear your story and open a discussion on ways to avoid federal income tax.

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