Signs of further division in tax practice

I recently resigned from a large online group of tax professionals that I had grown to rely upon for daily advice and news. My past work in the tax field has primarily focused on political forecasting (efforts that were not so successful lately, by the way) and small business lobby efforts. My future plans revolve around tax protest activism. Since the group has a ‘no politics’ policy (a stance I’ve always considered odd for a professional field governed almost exclusively by politics) I don’t see my business as a welcome fit within the group.

On a larger scale, I see an  undercurrent whereby CPAs and tax attorneys, as a group, tend to be moving in a direction of noncompliance in response to client matters under difficult practice conditions. I wrote about this last year. In contrast, Enrolled Agents seem to remain steadfastly compliant with the law. Maybe that’s the fundamental reason you don’t find a high percentage of CPAs and tax attorneys interacting with Enrolled Agents in groups like this.


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