Do readers want an accountant’s emotions?

I made an interesting observation this past month: my most popular business writing in the month of September had nothing to do with the many important legal issues in the news that affect small businesses, tax deadlines or money saving tips. The two most popular posts were about my personal feelings and emotions. My first reaction was “Really?! People want to read about this stuff?!” I have 30 years’ experience writing technically useful but dry business publications. Typically a post of this type is read by about 50 people. I like to think that one or two put the information to good use to save money or help their business operate more smoothly.  In contrast, I have little competence or experience writing about human issues. As a stereotypical old-school guy, I seldom talk about – much less ever write about – personal emotions. Yet these two emotional posts were read by hundreds in September. My web host reports that “Tax practice in an environment of non-compliance” had 520 visitors and “A country bumpkin visits the state capital in Trenton” had 244 visitors. So the question is, going forward, does it make sense for me to continue to write in this non-traditional manner?


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  1. I’m currently crafting my brief remarks for the DelVal annual meeting, and was torn between itemizing upcoming volunteer opportunities, or instead telling a heartwarming story. I think you’ve helped me decide on the latter! 🙂

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