Business Leadership Forecast for 2023

These eight macroeconomic trends will influence businesses leaders in 2023.

  1. Artificial intelligence: Higher education students and business people in knowledge-based fields will adapt greater use of artificial intelligence. This will increase perceived productivity but not result in real gains. Others outside this group will not participate and are more likely to be adversely affected by misinformation, propaganda, and ‘fluff’, thereby widening and irritating the divisions within society.
  2. Big data: More people will gain some appreciation of how quantum computing will affect our future and how it’s future use will cause further widen and irritate society’s divisions.
  3. ESG: Investors, lenders, and accountants will feel more pressure to explain to some politicians why ESG risk analysis is at the core of our financial decisions.
  4. Health: More people will embrace additional measures to enhance or protect their own mental health as an Orwellian behavior. This will include some return to outdoor activity.
  5. Wealth gap: The rich will continue to get richer

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    , the poor will continue to get poorer as a result of tax policy. Nothing changed here.
  6. Civic climate: Disdain, disrespect and hostility against government will increase. Climate and environmental policies will continue to accelerate this trend.
  7. Liability law: Support will grow slowly within our society for the concept of holding the creators and investors of economic products/services responsible for the foreseeable impact of their product on other people and the environment. This will trigger greater tensions and divisions.
  8. Education: Leadership of more of our traditional education systems will recognize that they are in crisis that will lead to the eventual collapse of current institutions.