Health insurance topics: COMMENTS WANTED

I’ve decided to publish a list of topics for upcoming writing projects and intensify my efforts to obtain comments and ideas from within the industry and public as well. As always, all comments are welcome. This is the proposed list of writing topics for the next two weeks:
1. Growing need for Gap Insurance
2. Patient Bill of Rights affects Health Insurance
3. how to review a sample policy certificate
4. Health insurance is not an investment
5. Changes to NJ TBI fund coverage
6. Doctor’s fee for filing out insurance forms
7. Security Life Insurance lives up to its name
8. Continuity of coverage
9. Basics of health insurance enrollment
10. Planning for out-of-pocket medical costs
11. Future of Gender-based health insurance pricing
12. Health insurance for anxiety attacks
13. Insurance companies in Texas high risk pool
14. Reducing deductibles with a Health Savings Account
15. Uninsured health plan: requirements for a claim
16. review of Wisconsin Badger Care
17. Courts differ on health insurance rescissions
18. refund of short term medical insurance premium
19. Health Savings Account: use bank or investment firm?
20. Short term life insurance is tough to find in the US
21. Health insurance for olympic athletes
22. Five ways to reduce out-of-pocket prescription costs
If this generates some feedback, I will do it again for the 2nd half of the month. If any writers want to trade for a similar same brainstorming/editorial help in return, I am certainly open to that.

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