How does your ‘To Do List’ work?

How does your “To Do List” work? I’d really like to know.

Here’s my situation:

Since I’m an MS Office platform guy (as most government and law offices are), I keep mine on the much improved “Microsoft To Do” app that is prominently positioned on my phone, iPad and PC. It integrates with other functions like email, calendar and its CRM activity.

My To Do List normally has around 80 to 100 open items. I schedule about 20 for each day, seven days a week.

I try to enter items the moment that they come to mind. As I approach 60, I know that I can’t always remember so many details later. But I know that once it’s on the list, there is no risk of forgetting about it.

On a good day, I complete and check off more than 12 of the items on today’s list. Rarely do I complete all of them. Over-scheduling is deliberate. But there are days where only one or two get checked off and the list grows longer with new demands. I try not to beat myself up when this happens, but it is a psychological challenge.

At some point, inevitable, some need to be cut out as “missed opportunities” or however I want to view that reality. The important thing, I tell myself, is to focus on strategic priorities and do my best; not more.



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