Security enhancements during tax season

Avoiding the usual scams:

Tax-related scams this year have risen to a level I’ve not experienced before in more than 4 decades of practice. Tax preparers are among the most targeted group. The defenses tend to require low tech personal attention.

EMAIL – We observe that most (I read 85%) of scams begin with email. That’s why we prefer to use a password protected secure portal and secure messaging. I don’t respond to emails that we don’t recognize.

TELEPHONE – The best defense for telephone scams is a “know your customer” approach. I have almost all my clients’ cell phone numbers entered as contacts so person to person caller ID (not going through a business phone system) is the first line of defense. I simply don’t answer unscheduled calls from unrecognized numbers.

MESSAGING – I’m setting individual clients up with secure messaging. Not everyone needs this. Some business clients have matters that are of greater concern so we handle these individually.

The best solution:

VIDEO – The best platform for both security and productivity is Zoom. It allows us to visually confirm identity, speak the same as if in person, exchange documents, share on-screen information and send secure messages. I am happy to help clients get


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