Hurricane preparedness at Money Island

We’ve been in this position before and we hope that we get a little smarter each time. This is what my hurricane planning checklist looks like now:

  1. Buy storm supplies early; at least a week before they are needed: plywood, rope, cable, duct tape.
  2. Order extra fuel asap.
  3. Cancel all appointments 3 days before the storm. Spend the time tying down, bracing, boarding up and elevating equipment and buildings.
  4. Tie down all the boats and trailers.
  5. Duct tape the window frames. Board up the water side.
  6. Check emergency supplies. (We use a series of 5 gallon watertight buckets with batteries, flashlights, matches, medicines, water, tarps, manually powered radio, manual fuel pump, flare gun, firearm and ammunition).
  7. Restock canned food supply.
  8. Check gasoline powered generators and pumps.
  9. Charge all batteries (car, boat, phone, tools).
  10. Fill all gas tanks (car, boats, tools)
  11. Restock portable gasoline fuel tanks in two different high dry safe places.
  12. Make sure important papers are locked in the waterproof safe.
  13. Pay attention to tide schedules as the winds increase.
  14. Keep bags with clothes, toiletries, medicines, tarps, blanket, boots, waders, etc. in the back of the SUV.
  15. Check that tow chain, jacks, flares, lights, and tire pump are in the SUV.
  16. Restock my cash reserves.
  17. Take photos/videos of what everything looked like before the storm.
  18. Turn off all electric at circuit breaker boxes before leaving.
  19. Leave only the battery-powered security camera system running.
  20. Lock up.
  21. Leave a nasty sign for looters.
  22. Make plans with family for communicating messages if phones are not working.

I would plan to spend storm time in Pennsylvania and return to New Jersey as soon as the roads are open. The greatest need for these emergency items would be after returning to Money Island assuming that the electric power is not on yet.


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