IRS on social media


A relatively small portion of tax accountants  make heavy use of social media in their efforts to communicate with a wide public audience. The IRS, on the other hand, is seriously involved in almost every major social media platform:

  • IRS2Go.  Use this free mobile app to check your refund status, pay your tax, watch IRS YouTube videos and get IRS Tax Tips via email. You can download the app free from the Google Play Store for Android devices, or from the Apple App Store for Apple devices. IRS2Go is available in both English and Spanish.
  • YouTube.  The IRS offers dozens of video tax tips on a variety of topics. You can view them in English, Spanish or American Sign Language.
  • Twitter.  Get tax-related announcements and tips from @IRSnews.@IRStaxpros tweets news and guidance for tax professionals. Tweets from @IRSenEspanol have news and information in Spanish. The Taxpayer Advocate Service sends tweets from @YourVoiceAtIRS.@RecruitmentIRS provides updates for job seekers.
  • Tumblr.  Follow the IRS on Tumblr to access IRS tax tips, videos and podcasts. You can access Tumblr from your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Facebook.  The IRS Facebook pages provide news and information for taxpayers and tax return preparers. You can also connect with theTaxpayer Advocate Service.
  • Subscribe to IRS Tax Tips.  Get free tax filing tips via e-mail inEnglish or Spanish.  For the latest word on taxes from the IRS, check out our e-news subscriptions.


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