Lenovo Thinkpad T-580: one year review of a solid notebook computer

A little more than a year ago I purchased a Lenovo Thinkpad T580 notebook computer and by now I now have at least a thousand hours of use on it. I reviewed it last October in another log post here. This is a short bullet point update of that review now, a year later.

  • No doubt, this is the best machine I’ve ever owned. The ability of a machine to translate technology to quality of life is not lost on me (thus the photo).
  • Lenovo’s system updates and diagnostic tools are impressive and have operated to keep the machine working flawlessly.
  • While one notebook computer screen is not enough to run a virtual business today, I’ve done fine by supplementing this with an iPad and iPhone. Often I use all three together at once.
  • The weakest feature is battery life. In fact, I’ve already had to replace the battery under warranty when its performance dropped to “failure” status be Lenovo’s self-diagnostic tool.
  • I have trouble keeping this style of keypad clean. Dust and sand builds up under the keys. This makes typing difficult. Sometimes compressed air spray works well; other times not.
  • Connectivity, data management, cloud syncing and security issues dominate my attention. But I consider these to be seperate from the machine issues and so won’t get into that here.
  • No doubt I would buy another Lenovo Thinkpad brand notebook computer. I’m not aware of any other stronger brand. But I expect to get another year out of this one first.

Stepping back, I find it amazing that after realizing that I could make a living from a portable machine like this more than 25 years ago, I am still at it with mostly the same technology.

Even more impressive and satisfying is the big picture comfort level knowing that I could be dropped anywhere in the world and within about 12 hours of having access to internet and another machine like this, I could have my business fully back in operation. No that’s progress!


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