Mistakes to avoid as a new nonprofit board member

When elected as a director you want to make a good impression, help the organization and boost your own career as well. That’s understood. But some new directors take it too far and make strategic errors, according to tips published by the NJCPA. Most of these should be obvious but we spelled out nine pitfalls to avoid when getting involved in community organizations:

1. Joining a board but not showing up to meetings

2. Serving on a board but not working on tasks

3. Arriving late or leaving early

4. Acting like you need the business

5. Introducing “what you do” into conversations

6. Being pushy in asking for appointments

7. Talking too much about yourself

8. Talking only about business topics

9. Standing at the door and handing your card to the organization members

Another blog post lists “Tips for new nonprofit board members“.

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