2020 IRS Report on its Operations

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IRS just released the 195 page “General Report of the 2020 Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council“. I read the applicable sections on small business and nonprofits that affects me and my clients. The key relevant concepts are: 1) IRS currently lacks the funding to operate effectively to collect the taxes necessary to run federal government. […]

The fallacy of diversity and inclusion statements

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I am pleased to work with a wide range of nonprofit organization managers 1. This includes the executives of churches, synagogues, environmental groups, professional and trade associations. One thing that almost all share is a focus on outreach and recruitment. It’s a core theme for most nonprofits, and I think it is fair to say […]

“More than a Vote” and the long road ahead to the next election

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I serve as accountant or treasurer to several nonprofit organizations focused on education and registration of voters. We are more concerned about voter suppression and voter disenfranchisement now than in any earlier time in our lives. That’s why this excerpt published yesterday by writer Heather Cox Wilkinson jumped out at me. “Basketball superstar LeBron James […]

Changes to Nonprofit Organizations

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The coronavirus crisis is causing many nonprofit organizations to raise questions about strategic management positions and related compliance issues. Questions on these two issues below are common. Through online discussions, I found that many advisers are not aware of these specific details. This post includes a short discussion and a link for more information. Change […]

New strategy for serving nonprofits in 2020: the $1,000 benchmark

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In 2020 I will coach smaller nonprofit projects to organize without formal standards and use a $1,000 fee payment as the arbitrary benchmark at which it makes sense for me to get involved. I made a strategic error in the early years of my accounting business and am taking steps now to correct it. When […]

Technology opens the door to nonprofit success

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Rapidly evolving business technology makes it easier, faster and less expensive for a nonprofit organization to pursue its goals. Technology can help spread the message, recruit new supporters and board members, expand the target audience and deepen communications within the stakeholder groups. But every new technology should be vetted for consideration of how it will […]

September progress

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This month of September 2019 was one of the most productive I’ve had in decades of small business. I helped launch (or re-launch) five new businesses. Three of them are nonprofits. One is already a financially “profitable” nonprofit so the tax and social benefit impact is impressive. I’ve proven that by offering free assistance to […]

Update on nondisclosure of charities’ donor rule

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Revenue Procedure 2018-38 remains controversial. Lawmakers (mostly Democrats) are concerned that it could encourage the flow of dark money into the tax-exempt sector. Their concern is valid. I know of private foundations that have already reorganized as public charities to take advantage of the secrecy rule change for their own benefit. No doubt, this rule […]

Questions about TechSoup

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My largest block of clients are charitable organizations. In that nonprofit field the company TechSoup is a popular vendor of technology services. A few recent events cause me to ask more questions. I’ve made a few purchases for clients through them. TechSoup markets “donated and specially discounted technology offers”. But lately I’ve noticed that specific […]

Two tips for new nonprofit organizations

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There are more than a million nonprofit businesses in the U.S. with more every day. State requirements that new cannabis companies be in nonprofit form bring more attention. Yet most nonprofit organizations are small volunteer-driven businesses with small budgets. They still need to make smart business management decisions, beginning with the business start-up. Starting out […]